Friday, 28 October 2016

Pass4sure CAS-002 (CASP) Exam

Question: 3   A security administrator wants to prevent sensitive data residing on corporate laptops and desktops from leaking outside of the corporate network. The company has already implemented full-disk encrypton and has disabled all peripheral devices on its desktops and laptops. Which of the following additonal controls MUST be implemented to minimize the risk of data leakage? (Select TWO).

A. A full-system backup should be implemented to a third-party provider with strong encryption for data in transit.
B. A DLP gateway should be installed at the company border.
C. Strong authentcation should be implemented via external biometric devices.
D. Full-tunnel VPN should be required for all network communication.
E. Full-drive file hashing should be implemented with hashes stored on separate storage.
F. Split-tunnel VPN should be enforced when transferring sensitve data.

                                 Answer: B,D

Pass4sure CAS-002 CompTIA Practice exam

Question: 2   The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an Internet service provider (ISP) has decided to limit the company’s contribution to worldwide Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Which of the following should the ISP implement? (Select TWO).

A. Block traffic from the ISP’s networks destined for blacklisted IPs.
B. Prevent the ISP’s customers from querying DNS servers other than those hosted by the ISP.
C. Scan the ISP’s customer networks using an up-to-date vulnerability scanner.
D. Notify customers when services they run are involved in an attack.
E. Block traffic with an IP source not allocated to customers from exiting the ISP's network.

                            Answer: D,E

Pass4sure CAS-002 CompTIA Dumps

Question: 1  Which of the following would be used in forensic analysis of a compromised Linux system? (Select THREE).

A. Check log files for logins from unauthorized IPs.
B. Check /proc/kmem for fragmented memory segments.
C. Check for unencrypted passwords in /etc/shadow.
D. Check timestamps for files modified around time of compromise.
E. Use lsof to determine files with future timestamps.
F. Use gpg to encrypt compromised data files.
G. Verify the MD5 checksum of system binaries.
H. Use vmstat to look for excessive disk I/O.

             Answer: A,D,G